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2nd Wind Renegades


We would like to thank our sponsors, shooters, Cassie and Doyle Sandmann, Dennis Auslam, Western Wishes and everyone who participated in the live and silent auction.  Due to everyone's generosity we raised $7500 to be donated to Western Wishes.  


Mounted shooting events are similar to other timed rodeo events like barrel racing and many timed cattle events.
Competitors dress in cowboy attire dating from modern rodeo attire, all the way back to the old west era and the classic old west apparel. They are mounted on horses of any chosen breed and size, while most mounted shooting horses tend to be quarter horses with some cow experience in their breeding.

Competitors engage in courses of fire which consist of elevated balloon targets of various color combinations, usually made up of one light and one dark color, for a total of ten balloon targets per course. The competitors shoot the first five random targets with a single action .45 caliber firearm similar to those used in the late 1800ís and early 1900ís by the American cowboy. Then, after holstering the first revolver, they engage the five targets in the "rundown".

Ammunition used for engaging the targets is made from black powder and the rounds are blanks, with no projectile other than the hot embers that travel ten to fifteen feet and dissipate in a shot gun round type pattern. Mounted shooting ammunition is safe for horses, competitors and spectators while used as intended.


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